Thursday, November 19, 2015

Where Do Cockroaches Hide?

Cockroaches are year round pests that hide 75-90% of their time. They are nocturnal; they come out at night and feed in the dark.

A cockroach needs very little to live. A little warmth, a little shelter, and a little moisture, and a small amount of food are all that is required for a cockroach to survive. Roaches prefer environments close to food sources. However, cockroaches can be found in many locations in the home, they are not always found in just the kitchen. The cockroach is not capable of biting; rather, it scrapes and chews or munches. It will as soon snack on paper and soiled clothing as on scattered crumbs.

When determining where cockroaches may be hiding, take a look at potential pipe chases or sources of water for additional harbourage areas. If a cockroach infestation is indeed present, the aggregation pheromones in their fecal matter cause other cockroaches to habour in specific areas. These fecal focal points are where these roaches will accumulate and are key in finding and controlling groups of roaches.

Roaches follow along edges and other structural lines and can get into almost any small crevasse. Places to begin searching inside your house include moldings, counters, shelves, cracks, fume hoods, stoves, dishwashers, water basins, tubs, fridges, columns, cardboard, etc. If they can get into in it, they will most likely be there.

Using an insect monitor will help to determine potential harbourage areas. Placement of these monitors should be in suspected areas of food, water and hiding places. This will assist in determining alternative cockroach harbourage areas.

Cockroaches can be found in dirty or unkept houses so maintaining proper sanitation is key. All food sources available to cockroaches should be eliminated. Homeowners can keep their spaces clean by tidying countertops, floors and around garbage cans. Any exposed food that is left out on the counter should be stored in sealed containers. Also, your appliances should be kept clean. Another tip is to not leave dishes that have food in them in the sink overnight. Since cockroaches come out and are active at night, they may be drawn to any food left on plates that are sitting in the sink. It is important to reduce clutter, these insects like to hide in stacked boxes and locations near food. They will feed on all types of human food as well as on pet food, toothpaste, soap, glue, etc.

See a pest control professional for an assessment and your treatment options for this public health pest.

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