Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pest Control for Persistent Ants

The presence of pests in your home doesn't mean that your home is in need of cleaning, sanitation or professional pest control applications every three months instead of once a year. The fact of the matter is, some of the most persistent pests are ants. There are more than one species that can infiltrate a home to get into your food, to create lines of crumb carriers across your floors, or create mounds throughout your yard for their own doing. You can't just let them go about their business and all the while hoping that it will get better; you are going to have to intervene as soon as you discover ants in your home.

Each species has their own set of unique characteristics that determine their patterns of behavior: where they nest, what they feed on, etc. In order to determine your options in pest control for persistent ants you have to determine the species and their characteristics. This is important to determining once and for all what will combat them effectively.

The first frustration in dealing with ants is that they seem to dissipate or flat out disappear and then return with a vengeance is that there is truth to the rumor that if you see one ant, there are more around or on their way. You may only see fifty ants but their colony can be in the hundreds in your home or in the millions on your property. The first step towards a solution is to notice whether you have a crawling infestation or a winged one. The winged ants, known as the swarmers, are in your home to branch out from their original home and set up a new colony. They are often times mistaken for termites. They do cause similar damage by, sometimes, burrowing into wood for nests, but they pose a greater threat to your health and safety with the germs and diseases they can carry on their bodies.

Pest control for persistent ants helps to prevent loss of expensive groceries because they are crawling through it, crawling across your clean counters where you prepare your food or through your carpets and bedding to bite you. The germs and bacteria can cause illness if food has been contaminated and their bites can often cause an allergic reaction that can sometimes be life threatening. So there are some sprays available in your drug store or grocery store that offer pesticide sprays that are often effective for the early stages of a small infiltration, but bates are your best bet when it comes to maintaining pest free throughout the year. Frankly, when it comes to stubborn ants, professional pest control is the best way to have the most effective inspection, removal and management performed for the structure of your home and the safety of your family.

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