Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cockroaches: Dangers and Diseases

Does the sight of cockroaches make you shriek and squirm or send shivers down your spine? If so, you may have some form of cockroach phobia (or Katsaridaphobia, according to National Geographic) or perhaps it may just be your common sense keeping you away from any possible contact with those abominable little creatures. The fear of cockroaches is often related to the danger of diseases that could be transmitted by those creepy crawlies. Such a fear and concern is valid as there are potential dangers of being in contact with those deceivingly harmless looking roaches.

Cockroaches are hardy insects. They are able to survive in almost any condition and feed on almost anything. Because of their versatility to scurry along every nook and cranny, these little creatures undoubtedly spread filthy contaminants, germs and bacteria everywhere they go. Known to be 'nature's most efficient waste disposers', much of what cockroaches eat are unsanitary and often come from extremely unhygienic places. This causes them to be carriers of diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, gastroenteritis and poliomyelitis. These diseases can be very dangerous and harmful to humans.

Besides spreading diseases, cockroaches are also known to trigger allergies and asthma. Cockroach allergens are said to consist of the insect's feces, saliva and body. As it became possible to measure the amount of cockroach allergen in house dust or the air, it has been proven that there is a high correlation between inner-city children (low socioeconomic households) admitted to hospital for asthma and the contact they have with cockroach allergens. These allergen particles are rather large and can make their dwellings rather quickly on surfaces. They then become airborne and spread in the air when there is movement in the surrounding area.

According to studies done in the 1970s, cockroach allergens inhaled by patients allergic to cockroaches developed acute asthma attacks, which would last for hours. Those who suffer from chronic severe bronchial asthma have a high chance of being allergic to cockroaches. Other symptoms of cockroach allergy are skin rash, itchy eyes and nose, scratchy throat, constant stuffy nose, constant sinus infection and repeated ear infection. If these symptoms persist throughout the year, it is highly likely that these horrible roaches are the culprits of such constant irritation and ought to be exterminated from the household.

There is no need to fear these little insects, however, as there are ways and methods that one can employ to keep them away and discourage them from being active in one's household. The dangers and risks of diseases being spread by cockroaches can most definitely be minimized and avoided. Cockroaches will always exist and might be seen lurking around occasionally, but with pest control measures and new methods being innovated to deal with these roaches, we are able to enjoy the comforts of our homes and live with peace of mind.

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